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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kellan's Dragons by Antonia Tiranth

Title:             Kellan’s Dragons - Dragon Wars Book 1
Author:         Antonia Tiranth
Publisher:     MuseItUp Publishing
Pages:          149 pages
Genre:          Fantasy, romance, mystery
I love dragon stories so when I saw this book’s title with the promise of more to come I just had to read it. Ms Tiranth didn’t disappoint me, the story drew me in from the first page and  kept my interest to the end.
Kellan wakes with another being in her mind. She’s linked to a dragon -  the biggest dragon in the Program. A mistake has been made. This is not the beast she was meant to join with. The dragon originally intended for Kellan decides to fight for her giving her a big headache. Jericho doesn’t want her, but he doesn’t want anybody else to have her. Kellan’s new life involves learning how to communicate with her dragon, Jericho and transmit instructions to him. Unfortunately her dragon doesn’t want to join in the training.
Confused by the conflicting orders from the people in charge of the Program and Jericho’s thoughts on what she should do, Kellan turns to Drake, one of the guards. She is then torn between her feelings for Drake and her commitment to Jericho.
Ms Tiranth’s world with dragons is superbly crafted. Dragons bonding with humans, dragons fighting with dragons and attacks by rogue dragons and their riders. Ms Tiranth has hidden a secret within the story and its revelation provides the perfect finish to the book.
As mentioned at the top of this blog I only review and recommend books I personally like. This book will sit on my electronic shelf forever along with my other favourites. 

Webpage:  http://www.antoniatiranth.com/

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