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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Wolf's Torment by Stephanie Burkhart

Title:            The Wolf's Torment - Moldavian Moon, Book One
Author:        Stephanie Burkhart
Publisher:   Desert Breeze Publishing
Pages:        202 pages
Genre:        Historical, romance, paranormal
Witches, werewolves and hot romance. What more could you ask for?
Crown Prince Mihai of Moldavia returns home to marry the woman his father betrothed him to as a child. His friend Viktor accompanies him and will act as his companion and secretary. The King is dying and Mihai is determined to carry through his father’s projects to bring Moldavia into the present. 
Mihai’s hard work means he has little time for his fiance, Theresa. He has always known his mother was a witch, but circumstances arise which force him to learn the art of witchcraft. Meanwhile Viktor and Mihai’s sister, Sonia fall in love the instant they see each other. 
Mihai and Theresa, Viktor and Sonia. The two couples learn to know and love one another and with marriage the future of all four looks wonderful. 
Mihai’s mother’s disobedience of a senior witch brought about her death when Mihai was five. The witch and her werewolf lover have now returned to Moldavia intent on twisting things to their own evil ends. The werewolf needs to make a new leader for his pack and he looks to the two young men in the palace to fulfill this wish.
Ms Burkhart has blended a richness of history with romance and the paranormal to provide a wonderful novel. Mihai is the type of man half the women in the word sigh over, while his friend Viktor affects the other half of the female population. Sonia and Theresa are perfect foils for their individual loves, each one complimenting and supporting their husband.
The country of Moldavia is shown as a beautiful country, reminiscent of the historical smaller states in Europe which eventually joined together to make the central European countries. The rich vista of scenery proves Ms Burkhart has a deep knowledge of this area.
The Wolf’s Torment is a book which held me more captive with each page. It almost seemed as if I wasn’t reading a book, but seeing the life of the characters unfold before me. It’s some time since I read a historical book which engaged my interest in this respect and I would like to congratulate Ms Burkhart for providing me a means to escape real life for several hours.


  1. I haven't read The Wolf's Torment but hope to soon. It looks like another one of Stephanie's fantastic reads!

    I enjoyed the review very much. Thanks, Sue, for sharing your input about Steph's book.

  2. Glad you liked the review Diane, thanks for dropping by.

  3. Diane, thanks for popping in. :)
    Sue, I can't thank you enough for the review. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book.


  4. Coongratulations on this fantastic review. I know it made you happy.

  5. Great review! This sounds like the kind of book I like to curl up with in the evening.

  6. Sarah, I was tickled pink! I love my wolves & witches.

    Deb, Thanks for popping in. It's great reading for a dark October/November weekend. :)