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Over the years I have read many books. Some become favourites I read time and time again. Others strike me as a definite to add to my favourite list.
I decided to review some of these books in the hope that others may enjoy them as I have.
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Sunshine Boulevard by J.Q. Rose

Title:               Sunshine Boulevard

Author:          J.Q. Rose

Publisher:     MuseItUp Publishing

Pages:           63 pages

Genre:           Light hearted mystery with a touch of romance

Available:     March 2011

Who or what is killing the seniors on Sunshine Boulevard?
Sorry to take this straight from the book’s blurb, but it explains the plot so perfectly. The residents of Sunshine Boulevard migrate south for the winter to the sunshine of Florida. Hence their name “snowbirds”.
Only the seniors are dying. None of the surrounding neighborhoods have any problems. The residents try to continue with their lives, but the bodies are found in an unexplained state of decomposition, not to mention the awful smell. Who or what is responsible for the deaths?
Behind the mystery of the murders, community life goes on with intrigues, secrets and illicit liaisons. This is where the humor and lightness threads through the story. It also brings normality to the tale of death, creating a real world as a backdrop.
Sunshine Boulevard starts light heartedly. Then the first death occurs. So what, I hear you say. The trailer park is full of seniors, death happens when you get old. True, but you expect to have a recognizable body to bury. One death could be an accident, but several bodies in the same state stretch the credibility of death by natural causes. 
This story blends humor with mystery and death very cleverly, making it a book I had to keep reading. Even after I found out the answer to the above question, I was still hooked and had to read on to find out what happened next. 
I would like to compliment Ms Rose for writing a book which is extremely pleasant to read, but grabs the attention at the same time.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Forever With You by L.J. Holmes

Title:                   Forever With You
Author:                L.J. Holmes
Publisher:           Muse It Hot Publishing
Pages:                 19 pages
Heat Level:         Hot

Release Date:   1st February 

Coryne’s unexpected elevation to riches provides her with the wealth to buy land and build the home she’s always wanted - but on a bigger scale than she’d intended.
Tempted by Keith, the builder, she does her best to resist him. With the house almost finished will her hot dreams become reality?
I came to know Coryne intimately through her thoughts. Ms Holmes reaches inside her character to provide the reader with a deep insight into what drives this woman. With no need to work for money, Coryne shows her compassionate side as she puts her extensive legal training into representing battered women and their children. 
I was pleasantly surprised by this book. While certain scenes were extremely sensual, the story as a whole was warm and excellently written. Coryne came alive as I got deeper into the story. Her hopes and fears, her reluctance to give in to her emotions and the temptation of a handsome, sexy man, made her a very strong woman.
I believe Ms Holmes must enjoy surprises. Just as you think you know where the story is going, the author throws in a surprise to complete the reader’s enjoyment.
If you’re looking for a light but meaningful book to read, I would highly recommend Forever With You by L.J. Holmes.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dragongirl by Todd McCaffrey

Title: Dragongirl

Author:           Todd McCaffrey
Publisher: Del Rey
Pages:            512 pages
Genre:            Fantasy - Speculative Fiction
When Todd McCaffrey first took over the Dragons of Pern from his mother, I wondered if he could bring anything new to the series. At first it seemed the answer was no, but since he started writing about Harper Kindan and Weyrwoman Fiona the series has come alive again.
I love the way Dragongirl carried on immediately from Dragonheart. It continued the story faultlessly keeping the exuberance and dedication Fiona had learned in her three years living in the past. Three years older in the present time she finds it difficult to restrain her impatience with those who still consider her a child. A sudden calamity thrusts her into a position of authority. Little does she know her emotions will also be stirred into turmoil.
I am a great fan of the Dragons of Pern, especially those written by Anne McCaffrey. Her son Todd has definitely taken up the baton to continue this series, but in his own way. He breathes life into a different aspect of Pern, showing us a young girl’s view of the magnificent dragons and weyr life. 

If you love stories involving dragons and other worlds, this series is the one for you.
Well done Mr McCaffrey, I look forward to reading many more of the Dragons of Pern series.

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