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Thursday, April 14, 2011

In the Manor of the Ghost by Tina E. Pinson

Title:              In the Manor of the Ghost

Author: Tina E. Pinson
Publisher:    Desert Breeze Publishing
Pages: 220 pages
Genre: Historical, romance, mystery, inspirational.

As a child I loved curling up by the fire and losing myself in a book. Since reaching adulthood I find it’s not so easy - life intervenes and I seldom find a book which fascinates me in the same way. Ms Pinson’s book In the Manor of the Ghost is the exception as I begrudged every moment spent away from reading this story.
This entrancing book is set in 1875 and tells the story of Kaitlin. She lost her husband and child in a terrible fire where she suffered serious burns. She starts a new life in Minnesota where she is a voluntary teacher of children. One little boy in particular steals her heart but when the child’s father proposes a marriage of convenience, Kaitlin isn’t sure what to do.
Devlin Clayborne desperately wants his child to be happy, but his wife has died and his son can no longer speak. Devlin sees how his child loves Kaitlin and by introducing her into his household as his wife he hopes to break down the barriers and learn to love again.
Neither Kaitlin or Devlin know the terrible secrets they keep from each other. These secrets bring misunderstanding and conflict to their relationship and the child is caught in the middle.
This book has many underlying sub-plots, some obvious, but most of them mysterious and secret. However, the story is woven together seamlessly. It kept me enthralled and I couldn’t really relax until I’d finished reading it. Knowing Kaitlin’s problems provoked empathy, but Devlin’s thoughts were not so clear. Gossip said he’d killed his wife. Unkind people called his servant “freaks”. And was there really a ghost in the house?
The intrigue and mystery come from unexpected directions, but through it all Kaitlin’s love for Devlin’s son shines through. I did wonder if her attraction for the father was due to the love for the son, but soon dismissed that thought. Kaitlin’s love had been imprisoned inside her since the death of her family, now she had found a man and a child to love.
Congratulations Ms Pinson. In the Manor of the Ghost is a book I would recommend to anyone who loves historicals, romances or mysteries. I look forward to reading more of your books.


  1. great review of a wonderful book. Tina has written another good one--Touched by Mercy. You'll love it.

  2. Great review, Tina! Congratulations. I enjoyed this book tremendously.

  3. Congratulations, Tina, on your great review!!! Wishing you major sales and more awesome reviews!