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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Coda to Murder by J.Q. Rose

Title: Coda to Murder

Author:         J.Q. Rose

Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

Pages:        151 pages

Genre:        Inspirational with murder and a hint of romance

Pastor Christine is horrified to find her church music director has been murdered - in the church! She is determined to find the murderer as the police methods seem antagonistic and at times ridiculous. On the other hand Detective Cole Stephens is very attractive and Christine begins to melt towards him.

At first this seems like an ordinary murder with romance, but J.Q. Rose has brought in her usual (or should I say unusual) sense of humor and we also have a cat, a pig and a kangaroo taking major parts in the story. Then there's the congregation who are still withholding judgement about a woman pastor. With her close friend Lacey, Christine gets into all sorts of situations, both dangerous and funny, when they try to solve the murder mystery.

I have read J.Q. Rose's books before and this is another good one. The author has that uncanny knack of putting together a serious situation with a touch of humor. Not too much, just enough to lighten the thread, without being insulting to the deceased. 

The way the author dealt with Cole's suspicions of the murderer being one of the church stalwarts, including Pastor Christine, at first made me think there was no chance of the two getting together. J.Q. Rose managed to make romance a believable possibility and for this I commend her.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which says a lot as I don't usually read inspirational books, but this is a definite "can't put it down" book. Well done Ms Rose, can't wait for the next book from your writing desk.