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Friday, June 1, 2018

A Handful of Eggs


Title: A Handful of Eggs
Author:         Belinda Mellor
Illustrator:    Karen Nolan
Publisher:   Intrepid Sparks
Pages:         24 pages
Genre:         Children's book with pictures

Phlox is a salamander. Her eggs are her pride and joy and she eagerly awaits their hatching. She overhears her clutch referred to as 'A Handful of Eggs' and this causes her to question how many eggs make a handful? Has she too many or  too few?

Wonderful book for children to read or have read to them. This is the type of book I could cuddle up with my grandchild so we could travel through the story together.

Loved how Phlox worked through her problem. Very child friendly illustrations. Delightful read.

Link:  A Handful of Eggs

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