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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Magic to the Rescue by James Hartley

Title:             Magic to the Rescue

Author:         James Hartley

Publisher:     MuseItUp Publishing

Pages:          152 pages

Genre:          Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Thank you Mr Hartley for writing Magic to the Rescue a sequel to Magic is Faster than Light. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and was delighted to see this one carried on several generations in the future.

A spaceship reliant on broomsticks and a cauldron drive, immediately tells you this is a magic book with a difference. When the descendants of the witches banished from Earth rescue a distressed space vessel, the religious fanatics who had them exiled in the first place. Over time the two newcomers begin to integrate with the witch community but it is never an easy alliance. 

The leaders of the magical community have long been planning a partial migration to another planet. They intend to send a second group back to Earth to see what has happened since their people left.

Mr Hartley's style of writing is refreshing and I was compelled to continue reading. Most books hit a low near the middle but the magic kept coming up with new twists increasing the excitement and desire to read further.

I believe there might be a third book to this series, at least I hope so as this Magic series is a winner.

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