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Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Great Northern Coven by Bruce Jenvey

Title: The Great Northern Coven - The Cabbottown Witch Novels
Author:         Bruce Jenvey

Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

Pages:          367

Genre:        Paranormal Fantasy

I looked forward to reading this book with interest as I had read the first in the series "Angela's Coven" and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am so glad to say the author did not disappoint me. This book is different but equally enthralling.

JR, a bush pilot, arrives in an Alaskan community but is secretive about his past life. The Inuit Indians of the area believe the evil foretold in a prophecy has arrived and JR is the missing piece. The wise women of the tribe must use their magical abilities to defeat the evil but one more person is needed to help them gain success.

Romance, witchcraft, evil - all are combined in this enthralling novel. Sometimes you come across a book you can't put down, this is one of them. I learned many things about Alaska and Inuits but it came naturally with the story. A well written book suitable for lovers of romance, the unusual and of course witchcraft. Thank you Bruce Jenvey, I look forward to the third book of The Cabbottown Witch Novels.

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