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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Girls Succeed by J.Q. Rose

Title: Girls Succeed: Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women
Author:      J.Q. Rose

Publisher: J.Q. Rose

Genre:      Women's Non-Fiction

I have to admit I've never reviewed a non-fiction ebook before but I really enjoyed this book about the success of women. 

How many of us have dreams when young which we never realize? The women in this book have all achieved their dreams and are to be applauded for their efforts. All worked hard to get to the level they desired, but some had to work harder than others when life put obstacles in their way. They're not all high flying professional women, their goals range from chef, to minister, to scientist to gold medallist.

This book is well written and very informative. If you have a dream you don't think you'll be able to attain I suggest you have a look at this book. It will certainly give you inspiration for your own goals. 

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  1. Sue, thanks so much for reviewing the e-book. I am glad it is inspiring for girls to dream big and not to give up.