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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Setara's Genie by Marva Dasef

Title: Setara's Genie

Author:         Marva Dasef

Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

Pages:        152 pages

Genre:        Young Adult Fantasy

Setara's Genie is a book of individual stories connected by the same characters having exciting adventures. Abu Nuwas sits in the marketplace and tells his stories to any who will pay. His biggest fan is Najda who sits enthralled while he spins the tales of Setara, her genie and their friends. 
The storyteller makes the problems Setara faces as she grows from adolescent to womanhood as like to Najda's own troubles as possible, although cloaked in fiction. He senses all is not well with the young spice seller.
Marva Dasef brings the story to life in the way I have come to expect from her novels. I found myself in the dusty marketplace living the story as Abu Nuwas' voice took me to Setara's home and further afield. I became disappointed when he stopped talking in mid crisis and excited when the story took an unexpected turn. 
Fantasy mixed with a modern style of Arabian Nights style stories bring a blend of intrigue and adventure which made me eager to continue reading. Well done Ms Dasef. I'm always eager to read your books and you haven't disappointed me yet.

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  1. Thanks, Sue. It makes me happy when somebody enjoys one of my books.