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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Deathly Portent by Elizabeth Bailey

Title: The Deathly Portent
Author:         Elizabeth Bailey
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Genre:         Historical Romance / Murder Mystery
Lord Francis Fanshawe and his new wife Ottilia suffer a breakdown to their carriage. When Ottilia hears a murder has taken place in nearby Witherley she convinces her husband they must stay and look into the case.
This is a lighthearted book, with murder lurking in the background. Ottilia is delightful and Francis is a perfect foil to his wife's unusual interest in murder most foul. They are surrounded by a mixed host of characters who range from the lady of the manor to the landladies of the two village inns who are at loggerheads with one another. Add to this the "witch" accused of being the murderer and the new vicar who is determined to save her and you have a story full of depth and richness set in the times of horse and carriage mode of travel.
A very well written book, I did not come across one typo or grammatical error - a definite bonus when reading as erros can spoil the reader's enjoyment. Well done to Ms Bailey, her editors and publisher.
This is apparently the second book of the "Lady Fan" series. I read the paperback edition and I will certainly go out and buy the first book of the series as this second one is mind grabbing. Want a good read? I recommend "The Deathly Portent".

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  1. This was a great review and makes me add the book to my list!

  2. Sue, I'm reading the book now and I'm enjoying it very much. If only real life didn't get in my way. Great review! Ottila is a handful, but I suspect Lord Fan likes her like that. hehe. I love her logical mind and how it works.