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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Forever With You by L.J. Holmes

Title:                   Forever With You
Author:                L.J. Holmes
Publisher:           Muse It Hot Publishing
Pages:                 19 pages
Heat Level:         Hot

Release Date:   1st February 

Coryne’s unexpected elevation to riches provides her with the wealth to buy land and build the home she’s always wanted - but on a bigger scale than she’d intended.
Tempted by Keith, the builder, she does her best to resist him. With the house almost finished will her hot dreams become reality?
I came to know Coryne intimately through her thoughts. Ms Holmes reaches inside her character to provide the reader with a deep insight into what drives this woman. With no need to work for money, Coryne shows her compassionate side as she puts her extensive legal training into representing battered women and their children. 
I was pleasantly surprised by this book. While certain scenes were extremely sensual, the story as a whole was warm and excellently written. Coryne came alive as I got deeper into the story. Her hopes and fears, her reluctance to give in to her emotions and the temptation of a handsome, sexy man, made her a very strong woman.
I believe Ms Holmes must enjoy surprises. Just as you think you know where the story is going, the author throws in a surprise to complete the reader’s enjoyment.
If you’re looking for a light but meaningful book to read, I would highly recommend Forever With You by L.J. Holmes.


  1. This looks like a book that I would really enjoy. Great review. It's going on my To Buy list. Thanks for the heads up on the book.


  2. Lovely interview Lin! And Sue what a great idea for a blog:)

    Cheers, Sara

  3. Good review Lin - congratulations. Interesting premise for a story too.

  4. Excellent review Lin. Well said, Sue. Nice blog I might add.

  5. I want to thank Sue for her time and generosity in reading my book, and I also want to thank of who have left comments. This is one of my all time favorite stories, and I am glad Sue enjoyed it too.

  6. I was delightfully surprised by the ending too. Never saw THAT coming. It's a HOT read.